Thursday 27 March 2014

New Menu for the Turtles

In Room 13, we have been feeding our turtles Jimbo's veal meat and turtle sticks. BUT... now they are very sick of that food so we had to research what else they may like to eat!
Mrs Brass brought some small prawns to school for them to taste.
Yea!!!! they loved them!!

Boris and Squirtle can smell the new food!
The race is on!! Who will get the prawn first?

It's a tie! Boris and Squirtle have one prawn each.

Success! Boris and Squirtle love their new menu.


  1. The turtles have excellent taste buds, Miss Karaka like shrimps too. Mmmmmm, yum!

  2. I want turtles! Room 13 you have been doing such a great job in science!

  3. today we are learning about how to reply to other people's blogs. by macario

  4. Dear Mrs Brass.You are my best teacher ever.
    From siale

  5. I like prawns too.Unfortunately I don't like to race for my food.You are lucky to have turtles in your room.
    Mrs Funaki

    1. hi Mrs Brass is the tultles a good today from Joseph

  6. That was funny I wouldn't like to race for my food. What else do turtles eat? From Stella and Siale

  7. the prawns look tasty and yummy!

    by Zac and Levron

  8. I have turtles at Samoa By Setu

  9. That is cool to feed the turtle.What kind of place did you find the prawns Mrs Brass
    By Larika and Attahua.
    Room 18

  10. the turtles are in my class they are so cool i keep on playing with them by sidaris