Tuesday 15 April 2014

Omana Beach

At Omana beach we found some starfish. If a starfish loses an arm it grows a new one . We found some mussels and we saw sandhoppers. Starfish eat paua. We saw some crabs. Crabs have red shells. Crabs have big eyes. They have little legs.
By Dartagnan

Amazing Poetry

Last week on Friday we did our poetry. Our poem was called, "The Giant." Before we did the colouring we did the activity. One of the activities was to find words in the poem that rhyme, like thin and grin, sad and had and men and ten. The second activity was, "if I was as tall as a giant I would be able to": I said - "catch people when they are falling from a tower."

By Emma

The Quiz At Our Assembly

Last week we had our assembly on Thursday. We had a quiz about the Omana beach animals. Mrs Brass said, "if you answer the question correctly, you will get a chocolate." One of the questions was, "if an enemy eats my arm, I am able to grow another one, what am I?"
Do you know what the animal was?
By Joseph

Its time to talk

Last week on Thursday it was Room 13's assembly and I was lucky that I said a speech. I told everybody what we were going to do next and I said, "we would love to show our lovely caterpillar art."
By D'artagnan