Monday 15 September 2014

Alien Art

WOW, Room 13 have been working so hard designing their aliens for the famous Dawson Art Exhibition.
Have a look at our art work! We have nearly finished our aliens. They will look fantastic!

Sunday 24 August 2014

Trip to Tangaroa College

On Thursday morning Room 13, Room 11, Room 9 and Room 10 went to Tangaroa college. At Tangaroa college we saw some good performances by the students. They acted out legends from Samoa, Maori, Cook Islands, and Tonga. My favourite play was when the boy stole the taro and hid it under his t-shirt. He told everyone that he was pregnant. I also liked watching one boy flip over another boy He landed on his feet. He was very clever. Finally, the King of the taro came back and said that he had been on a holiday to Samoa. I loved all the acting and I hope the students pass their exams.

Funny Myths and Legends Show

In the morning Room 13, Room 11, Room10 and Room 9 went to Tangaroa College.
The students showed us some acting. They showed us some Maori, Samoan and Tongan legends.
The actors were funny because they thought the boy was pregnant because he had the taro up his shirt.
It was cool how the boy flipped over the other boy who was on the ground.
At the end we were able to eat free taro chips.
It was the best morning ever.

by  Zachariah

Friday 16 May 2014

Swimming Lessons

On Thursday, Room 13 went in the bus to the Otara Pools ready to have their first swimming lesson. There were three swimming teachers, Jordan, Amelia and Asolina. The children had to swim across the pool to see which group they would be in. Mrs Brass was very pleased with the whole class because they listened carefully and followed instructions.

Tuesday 15 April 2014

Omana Beach

At Omana beach we found some starfish. If a starfish loses an arm it grows a new one . We found some mussels and we saw sandhoppers. Starfish eat paua. We saw some crabs. Crabs have red shells. Crabs have big eyes. They have little legs.
By Dartagnan

Amazing Poetry

Last week on Friday we did our poetry. Our poem was called, "The Giant." Before we did the colouring we did the activity. One of the activities was to find words in the poem that rhyme, like thin and grin, sad and had and men and ten. The second activity was, "if I was as tall as a giant I would be able to": I said - "catch people when they are falling from a tower."

By Emma

The Quiz At Our Assembly

Last week we had our assembly on Thursday. We had a quiz about the Omana beach animals. Mrs Brass said, "if you answer the question correctly, you will get a chocolate." One of the questions was, "if an enemy eats my arm, I am able to grow another one, what am I?"
Do you know what the animal was?
By Joseph

Its time to talk

Last week on Thursday it was Room 13's assembly and I was lucky that I said a speech. I told everybody what we were going to do next and I said, "we would love to show our lovely caterpillar art."
By D'artagnan

Thursday 27 March 2014

New Menu for the Turtles

In Room 13, we have been feeding our turtles Jimbo's veal meat and turtle sticks. BUT... now they are very sick of that food so we had to research what else they may like to eat!
Mrs Brass brought some small prawns to school for them to taste.
Yea!!!! they loved them!!

Boris and Squirtle can smell the new food!
The race is on!! Who will get the prawn first?

It's a tie! Boris and Squirtle have one prawn each.

Success! Boris and Squirtle love their new menu.